Microsoft 365 Online Deployment Workshop

Available Online and In-Person  

Microsoft 365 has many applications that can help your company stay organized and better your collaboration efforts while keeping your information secure. Many users have grown-up using the basic Microsoft applications their entire lives, so adoption is easy. However, as an IT professional, you are aware that the technical side of Microsoft can make or break the whole experience. That’s why we’ve put together a Microsoft 365 online deployment workshop.

Hands-on Microsoft 365 Cloud deployment workshop  

Rolling out just one of these applications can seem like a daunting task, and now you have been assigned to update your entire organization to the cloud. With so many apps and different Groups to set-up, you’ll need to be at your best, or your organization will suffer. You know your company doesn’t want to contract the entire project out, but you know you need to sharpen your skills to make it happen the right way. 

Sound familiar?  

Mindlab‘s Microsoft 365 Cloud deployment workshop will provide you with all the knowledge and understanding you’re looking for through an in-person experience. Get hands-on training and guidance from a Microsoft Certified Trainer.  

What the Microsoft 365 Online Deployment Workshop covers  

The workshop will walk you through the following:  

  • Preparing for the move or upgrade to the newest version  
  • Information Architecture 
  • Deploying all Microsoft 365 applications 
  • Customizing and connecting Microsoft 365 

The workshop you’ve been waiting for is only a click away! Fill the form below and we’ll contact you with more details.