Microsoft Teams – Unified communication and collaboration

There are many tools out there that help a company bridge communication gaps between offices and remote workers, make collaborating with external users easy, and that ultimately help with all of your communication and collaboration needs. However, only a few applications on the market can single-handedly enhance communication and collaboration efforts, and only one real powerhouse in Microsoft 365 – Teams. Find out what unified communication and collaboration look like with Microsoft Teams.

There are many communication platforms

Microsoft isn’t the only company churning out communication marvels. Slack and even Facebook have similar products to Teams when it comes to chat and meetings. While the latter is not an ideal candidate for companies that value security and is more suited for small startups looking for a quick fix that feels familiar, the former has been making a lot of headway. On the video conferencing side of things, you have competitors like Zoom and Google Meet. Both are strong applications but Microsoft Teams is about so much more than just video conferencing.

While all applications do the job, none of them bring it all together in the easy-to-use and the connected way Microsoft Teams does.

Same for collaboration platforms  

Now, when it comes to collaborating, products like Slack come to mind. While these solutions are great and have some collaboration features included in them, they are foreign to your core applications. Integration with other applications into your work environment can become convoluted. Streamlining your collaboration into a single area can directly impact productivity. The more third-party collaboration tools used, the higher the learning curve will be. Opting in for an interface similar to the one they’ve been using for years, requires much less.  

You can easily swap out the tools mentioned above with Microsoft Planner. You can add your specific Planner to a given Team’s channel and keep everything under one roof. 

Unified communication and collaboration happens with Teams

We’ve mentioned many different applications above, but with so many different decisions to make and platforms required, the best bet is to leverage what you already use the limits. Luckily for your organization, it’s most likely already using Microsoft 365, and now it’s time to take a step in a better direction when it comes to what you’re using to collaborate and innovate. 

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