Which Microsoft communication tool should I use for my business?

Microsoft 365 is full of tools that help most aspects of your business. And when it comes to communication, Microsoft 365 might be a little overly helpful. Yammer, Teams, Skype for Business, and SharePoint can all help your employees communicate and collaborate more effectively. When choosing what Microsoft communication tool is right for you, it fundamentally comes down to what you are looking for, and what best fits your needs and company culture.  

To help guide you to the right decision on which application is right for your organization, we’ve created a quick overview of how each tool can help you make a guided decision.  

Yammer the social Microsoft communication tool

This is the #YearofYammer, and there have been a lot of changes and improvements to the solution. Not only that, but it has truly found its place in the Microsoft 365 stack.  

You can look at Yammer as your company’s social network. Besides, having your employees spend time on your corporate social networks, internal communication is equally essential, and Yammer is the place to make it all happen. 

Goodbye Skype for Business 

Skype for Business … you are the father … of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams has the best of Skype’s functionalities and platform, when it comes to chat, but it’s on its way out – for a good reason – and Teams is its successor.  

A Bright Future for Microsoft Teams

When it comes time to communicate and collaborate at a project or campaign level, #MSTeams is the way-to-go.  

If Yammer is the social network, you can look at Teams as the chat element with collaboration features. It is a great place to get down to work and goes beyond a simple chat tool with Channels in Teams. With it, Teams goes beyond a simple communication tool and becomes the hub for your different initiatives with the ability to link to other applications and web pages – directly in-channel. 

SharePoint, the Core Communication Tool  

SharePoint is the backbone of your business’s Microsoft 365 environment. One of the ways that SharePoint is used is as the hub for files and information your company collaborates on, or in the case of communication, as your company’s Intranet/Extranet.  

SharePoint is already connected to all the Microsoft 365 tools your employees are using, and has a familiar look and feel. What does that mean for your organization? Less to learn and more time to make sure you hit the ground running. 

More than one Microsoft communication tool

Microsoft 365 is at its best when you leverage all of its offerings for their specific strengths. Too often, companies try to stretch one product when they have a much better fit readily available to them.  

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