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Our years of experience are here to secure the foundation of your business, the technology you rely on every day. When we aren’t teaching other professionals about the Microsoft stack and how to leverage it, we use our years of experience to aid businesses in developing their IT infrastructure and business processes.

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Intranets, Extranet and Public Sites

Implementing, managing, maintaining, and protecting your internal and external communications platforms.

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Data Security

We help protect critical business data from security threats and breaches.

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Content Management Services

Improve collaboration and increase productivity with better content management services.

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Business Data Integration

Data is integral to your business. Combine and process your business’ data to discover key business insights that can massively impact your business with the help of analytics tools.

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Business Process Automation

It is time to update and streamline your business processes, minimize cost, and increase efficiency. We’re here to help!

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Custom Business Applications

There are many situations where the issue you have can easily be solved through business applications created with the tools already connected to your organization's information, and through Microsoft 365.

How do we do it? By providing a thorough assessment of each clients’ unique situation. Then, we align their business objectives and functional requirements to find the best solution, tailored to their needs. 

Mindlab consultants handle the technical details and execute the implementations for clients, in the background. That means our clients can keep things business-as-usual – with no interruptions.

Our team focuses on providing Microsoft 365 – Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform, and more – based solutions, built to help your company’s business processes, migrating and creating new applications to or in a more innovative and efficient cloud platform. 

The ultimate end goal is to deliver quick and efficient solutions, to help our clients’ businesses work better, faster, and smarter while staying ahead of industry trends. 

Mindlab Academy

If you’re looking for Microsoft 365 training and knowledge from IT experts you can count on, you’re in the right place! We offer a wide range of free content (ebooks, webinars, blogs, et cetera), plus paid training and courses for situational or individual-based learning.

Are you looking for Microsoft Teams training or OneDrive training? Maybe you need general Microsoft 365 training? No matter what your knowledge needs, Mindlab Academy is your place for Microsoft 365 learning.

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