Solving Internal Communication for a Remote Workforce with Microsoft 365

Today, Microsoft 365 business applications are as common and crucial as pen and paper were 20 years ago. They, or applications like them, are necessary to operate your business – Outlook, for example – and might be essential to stay competitive, especially in a remote workforce climate.

A potentially overlooked area is internal communications. While this may be the case, there is a multitude of studies that demonstrate just how important it is and its impact on your company’s efficiency and effectiveness. We have outlined how a dispersed workforce can feel a lot more local with Microsoft 365 applications for today’s blog. 

A Remote Workforce with Microsoft 365

Nowadays, a scattered workforce is typical in many forms. Whether you are in multiple offices, countries, or, in the current climate, working from home – a connected team remains crucial to your success. 

Microsoft Teams 

If you have Microsoft Teams as your primary communication platform, as many do, you’ve already put in place arguably the most crucial tool that Microsoft offers – for internal communication purposes. 

Chat in Teams is great for one-on-one conversations, but how can you mimic ‘water cooler’ conversation when you’re not around a water cooler? Sure, you can add multiple people to a group chat, but that’s only inclusive for those in the group.  

Another viable way to feel closer, even when you are apart, is video calling! Chatting away can be a great way to catch up, but nothing beats seeing someone – even if you are in different locations. 


The answer, Yammer! It is the perfect application to have on-going group discussions. If you want to look at it from a bird’s eye, Yammer is like the social network for your business, whereas Microsoft Teams is the productivity and chat tool.  


Now, last but not least, what about SharePoint? SharePoint is commonly used as a place to store collaboration-oriented files. The other primary function of SharePoint is as an intranet, and it is increasingly becoming more user friendly.  

With chat and collaboration pretty much covered by Microsoft Teams and Yammer, what’s the point of SharePoint? Firstly, you’ll be using SharePoint in the background, whether you realize it or not. But the best way to leverage SharePoint for internal communication is as an intranet that acts as the base for everything going on in your organization. Just like brands have a social media presence and a website, so should your internal communication efforts for maximum results.  

A Remote Workforce Solved with Microsoft 365

These are just quick examples of how to utilize Microsoft 365 to ensure your communication stays healthy, no matter the distance. Whether your organization is looking for a professional to improve your internal communication or anything else regarding Microsoft 365, Mindlab is the right idea. Mindlab Systems has an MCT as its leader and over 20+ years of managed IT services experience ready to help with your training and managed IT service needs.